One of the more challenging aspects of learning a new ERP system, is learning its vocabulary. For example, who know that iDempiere’s Chart of Accounts (COA) is located in a window called Account Element window => Element Value tab. The purpose of this page is to provide an easily searchable reference to find the windows that you could not find otherwise.

Customer Master ===> Business Partner window
Vendor Master ===> Business Partner window
Employee Master ===> Business Partner window
Customer Invoice ===> Invoice (Customer) window
Vendor Invoice ===> Invoice (Vendor) window
Accounting Defaults ===> Accounting Schema window => Defaults tab
Accounting Segments ===> Accounting Schema window => Account Schema Dimensions tab
Costing Method ===> Accounting Schema window (sets the default for Product Categories)
Costing Method ===> Product Category window => Accounting tab

If you cannot find a window that you know exists OR if you know of an example that new users will struggle with, write a comment below. I will add them to this list.

Vocabulary – Basics