The purpose of this book is to help IT and business professionals learn, configure and audit an open source ERP system. This book is best positioned for companies that maintain strong accounting and technical resources. If you have the right

Why iDempiere

I use iDempiere, open source ERP, as the primary reference; however, the concepts can be applied to almost any ERP system, large or small. I choose iDempiere because: It is easy to install. It runs on a small server. It

iDempiere and ADempiere Getting Started

The best way to get started is to simply get in and play. Use your knowledge of your company’s products and services, and apply them to ERP. Here are resources that will help you: Online Training – Online demonstration –

Business Partner

Definition: Business Partners are people or organizations with which you exchange money, goods or services. Business partners can be customers, vendors, employees, external sales representatives, external purchasing agents, etc… The fact that there is no “Customer List”, “Vendor List” or “Employee


Definition: Products represent all goods and services consumed and sold through the system. The iDempiere Product represents many concepts. A product can be something you stock. It can represent a service you provide. You can use products to represent goods


Definition: Charges are iDempiere’s tool to code a document’s value to a specific general ledger account. Charges are a powerful concept in iDempiere. They enable you to code value from a document to a specific general ledger account. One of


Definition: Record that defines a set of financial books. In the old days of ERP, you were forced to log out and back in when you wanted to change companies. iDempiere has the ability to support multiple sets of financial books


iDempiere can be installed on most platforms supported by Java and PostgreSQL. The most common platforms are Linux followed by Windows. I will focus on installing and managing iDempiere on Linux in this book. Linux is simply less expensive to

Vocabulary – Basics

One of the more challenging aspects of learning a new ERP system, is learning its vocabulary. For example, who know that iDempiere’s Chart of Accounts (COA) is located in a window called Account Element window => Element Value tab. The